Natural Spa and Self Care Workshops

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Natural, Holistic and Sustainable Wellbeing

At Abanico Spa, we believe that self care shouldn't come at the cost of our own wellbeing or the wellbeing of the environment. That's why we want to inspire you to go natural, holistic & sustainable with your self care regime. By going natural, you can nurture your skin, reduce plastic packaging & rest safe in the knowledge that your products aren't causing harm to the environment long after you've finished with them. 



Workshops, Pamper Parties & Retreats

Our workshops & pamper parties take place at venues throughout Spain & the UK. Book yourself onto a workshop to learn about inspiring ways to integrate natural self care into your life. Abanico Spa also provides self care workshops at retreats on a request basis, enquire to find out more.



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"Thanks for all the great info and inspiration! I've gotten rid of allllll my nasties in the cupboard! And enjoying working my way through your amazing book and my skin is glowing again!" - Kerry, Mallorca

"Thank you Shereen for so much useful information! The workshop was fascinating and fun. Loving the book too....making my way through and my skin is feeling great!" - Alena, Mallorca

"Great course Shereen! I learned so much about naturally cleaning and moisturizing my face! Can’t wait to start!" - Tricia, Barcelona

Natural and healthy skin care recipes that don’t cost the Earth
— The backpackers natural beauty book

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