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change your mindset

strengthen your self worth

live by your values



Are you someone who…

  • Wants more for your life but you feel stuck because of your life situation?

  • Doesn’t go for what you want because you think it’s pointless trying?

  • Wants to move forward but don’t know how because you feel broken/unworthy/hopeless?


Does this sound like you…


You feel trapped in situations that you’re not happy in.

Jobs, friendships, relationships, nothing brings you that sense of joy that you crave. That kind of carefree happiness that you used to have as a child. That freedom to be who you want to be, who you are, without judgement or criticism of others.

You feel demotivated, stuck and powerless and you think there’s no point trying to achieve your dreams because it’ll only ever end in failure anyway…

It’s not that you don’t have dreams or aspirations, it’s just that it’s futile trying to move forward towards them because

  • You’ve experienced trauma and now you’re broken

  • You’ll never achieve your goals so what’s the point in trying?

  • You tried but it didn’t work

  • Not everyone can be happy

  • You’re not good enough

  • This is just the way life is


BUT maybe there’s a tiny part of you that’s wishing it wasn’t this way. That is hoping that there is one last thing that you can try that might make you feel better? That maybe someone who’s been through something similar can help you overcome what’s facing you.

If that’s you, then we need to talk.

Having overcome traumatic life events, including one that left me with post-traumatic stress, I’m now back to living an adventurous nomadic lifestyle on the high seas without anything holding me back. I did this by re-wiring my brain to think from negative to positive, building up my self-worth to a point where it’s indestructible and I learnt how to live by my values so that I don’t have to please anyone else but myself.

I’ve got the emotional intelligence toolkit to take you from powerless to empowered, no matter what traumatic life event you’ve been through.

You can overcome anything, you just need the right tools to get there.

Schedule a call with me today and let’s chat about my Empower Yourself Program, maybe it’s the thing you’ve been searching for.