Online Empowerment Courses

If you’re ready to do the work on your own and you want the tools to get you on your way then check out the Online Empowerment Courses below. Both courses are designed to run over the course of 5 weeks, starting in October 2019. During this time you’ll receive access to the online support network and have the opportunity to book an additional one-to-one coaching session should you need it. Once you’re registered on the course you’ll always have access to the content so if you’re unable to complete it in the 5 week timeframe then you can pick it up again at a time that’s convenient for you.


Free Your Inner Natural Beauty Online Course

A five week online course teaching you how to unlock your inner natural beauty and let your radiance shine. In this course you’ll learn how to tap into what inner natural beauty means to you and how to nurture this beauty through self care, emotional intelligence tools and share it with the world. From a natural skin care regime, through to creating a life that you can’t stop smiling about, this course will leave you feeling beautiful and empowered from inside and out.

Own Your Power Online Course

A five week course where you’ll learn how to tap into your core value system and inner strength. You’ll learn how to boundary your values so you stand strong in your integrity, as well as how to harness this empowerment to steer your life in the direction you want to move. Whether you want a life partner, a new career or to feel a sense of freedom in your life, this course gives you the tools to access your inner strength and use it to move forward.


Empowerment Coaching

If you need more support than online courses then check out the one-to-one empowerment coaching service and the 5 week Empower Yourself Coaching Program.