Free Your Natural Inner Beauty

Free Your Natural Inner Beauty


This online course is a guide to unlocking your inner natural beauty, through awareness, reflection and self-care.

Inner natural beauty is something which comes from within and shines outward to the world. It’s a love and a courage that people feel from you. It’s the clarity of knowing your inner self which is maintained by keeping true to your personal value system, and holding the boundaries to keep that value system true.

 This online course provides you with the tools to become empowered to shine your authentic inner beauty.

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Real natural beauty isn't skin deep, it comes from a place of inner strength to be your most courageous, beautiful self. This online course will show you how to get there.

The first step in this journey is becoming aware of what that inner value system is so we know what we're aiming towards.

The next step is unpacking the emotions and beliefs which hold us back from being that inner natural beauty. It means holding ourselves accountable to the values we hold dear and recognising when we behave in ways which are ugly.

This part isn't always easy which is why this course focuses on creating pillars of emotional safety around you, and provides you with a self care toolkit to make sure you have a nurturing practice to encourage self-love and self-compassion should difficult truths surface.


Shereen is a qualified beauty therapist teacher who specialises in emotional intelligence as a way to unlock beauty and empower her clients. She used these tools to pull herself out of PTSD, grief and heartbreak and now teaches others how to do the same. She's an advocate of using personal development and natural self care as methods to heal, grow and ultimately become the best, most beautiful version of our self. Shereen speaks, writes and teaches about emotional wellbeing, growing from trauma and natural beauty techniques.

The course runs for 5 weeks, with a different theme each week. After completing the course you'll be aware of what your true inner values are and how staying true to them brings you to a sense of courage which shines out as beauty. You'll know how to protect these inner values with strong boundaries. You'll also learn what personal self care strategies work for you so you can nurture yourself during times when you feel lost, deflated or disconnected.

The inner journey to natural beauty takes work, and requires creating a space of nurture and love as well as making changes. This course gives you the toolkit to create that safe space and the roadmap to undertake that journey.