Own Your Power Online Course

Own Your Power Online Course


A five week course where you’ll learn how to tap into your core value system and inner strength. You’ll learn how to boundary your values so you stand strong in your integrity, as well as how to harness this empowerment to steer your life in the direction you want to move. Whether you want a life partner, a new career or to feel a sense of freedom in your life, this course gives you the tools to access your inner strength and use it to move forward.

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Trying to move towards your dreams can be hard at the best of times, especially when you feel powerless or overwhelmed by your emotions.

By becoming emotionally awareliterate and expressive, we can free ourselves from the emotions that keep us stuck, and use the same energy to move in a positive and progressive direction.

This course teaches you how to work out your unique emotional triggers so you can take control of your emotions, rather than having them control you. Once you’ve figured out what makes you tick, you’ll be able to turn off the emotional charge in situations that don’t serve you and instead direct that energy towards things that you’re truly passionate about.

By the end of this course, you’ll no longer be drifting. Instead, you’ll be steering in the direction of positivity and making good headway towards your goals

Shereen is a empowerment coach who specialises in emotional intelligence as a way to empower her clients. She used these tools to pull herself out of PTSD, grief and heartbreak and now teaches others how to do the same. She's an advocate of using personal development and natural self care as methods to heal, grow and ultimately become the best, most beautiful version of our self. Shereen speaks, writes and teaches about emotional wellbeing, growing from trauma and living an empowered life.

The course runs for 5 weeks, with a different theme each week. After completing the course you'll be aware of what your true inner values are and how staying true to them brings you to a sense of courage. You'll know how to protect these inner values with strong boundaries. You'll also learn what personal strategies work for you so you can pick yourself up and dust yourself off during times when you feel lost, deflated or disconnected.

To really own your power it takes work, and it requires making big changes. This course gives you the toolkit to make these changes and provides you with the roadmap to undertake that journey.